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The next generation of captcha software is coming

Deep Analytics

Fun Captcha

Fast & Highly Secure

Captchas Are Annoying

Captchas are annoying, really annoying. Do they actually work? What benefits do you get by solving them? Are you being taken advantage of?


Bot Buster turns the table on this forgotten and painful to use technology. We offer a much more secure and customizable experience to those who use them every day.


Our goal is to create effective captcha technologies that people actually want to use.

Next Generation Bot Buster Technology

Manage Your Own Fraud

Advanced Analytics

Extremely Secure

Fully Private & Anonymous

Fast & Easy

Fun & Enjoyable

Beta Test

There will be a beta test from June 22, 2024 to  August 16, 2024. Many kinds of testers are welcome but there are a few requirements. The beta while open to the public requires participants to not disclose company secrets though the signing of a two way NDA. We also require testers to host their websites containing Bot Buster captchas from servers in the United States. Websites using Bot Buster captchas can be for personal or business use. Documentation will be provided after acceptance into the program as well as an invitation to a communication platform where testers will be able to message each other and Bot Buster representatives. After the test is completed, there will be a 50% discount for the next 2 years for all participants who submit the final survey.

Curious?  Become a Beta Tester

Thank You. We Will Reach Out With Further Details

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